Plenary Speaker

FPOTodd Cutler, VP and General Manager, Design and Test Software, Keysight Technologies

Bio: Todd Cutler is vice president and general manager of Keysight Technologies Design and Test Software organization.

Todd began his career as production engineer in the Network Measurements Division (NMD) of the Hewlett Packard Company (HP), working on the team that developed the HP 8510 network analyzer. He later moved to the Netherlands to become one of the founding employees of the European Marketing Center of the Microwave and Communications Group. Todd then returned to Santa Rosa to NMD where he helped found the computer-aided-engineering group that eventually became EEsof. After a 5-year assignment in software field sales, Todd returned to the division, moving to Westlake Village, CA to help integrate the newly-acquired EEsof business into HP.

In 1998, Todd left HP to be CEO of Eagleware Corporation, the EDA company that pioneered the affordable Genesys RF and microwave design software. After Agilent Technologies spun off from HP, Agilent acquired Eagleware in 2005 and Todd rejoined the company. Todd held various positions before coming general manager of Agilent’s EEsof business in 2011. He remained in that role following Keysight’s split from Agilent in 2014. In 2015, Todd expanded his role to lead Keysight’s Design and Test Software organization.

Todd holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, and a Master of Science Electrical Engineering degree from Stanford University.

Title: The Future of High-Frequency Design and Test

Abstract: Gone are the days of simple design. Every year designers push new limits looking for longer battery life, smaller components, and higher levels of integration. Test requirements continue to grow in complexity with increasing numbers of standards and wireless technologies. Learn about the latest challenges facing design and test engineers today and the biggest opportunities they see in the future to accelerate their product development workflows.